Advantages of Pallet Rack Repair Versus Pallet Rack Replacement

If your facility is like many others, you probably have damaged pallet rack that needs to be replaced. You also might have delayed doing anything about the damaged rack because of the cost, down time and inconvenience involved. However, by putting it off, you are putting your facility, product and personnel at risk.

The capacity of a rack column that is out-of-plumb or out-of-straight can be significantly reduced and could, if severe enough, compromise your entire racking system. The ANSI/RMI Specification shows the maximum out-of-plumb ratio for a loaded rack column to be 1/2″ per 10 feet of height. Columns whose out-of-plumb ratio exceeds this limit must be unloaded and re-plumbed and any damaged parts must be repaired or replaced. This ratio can also be used for straightness. The out-of-straightness limit between any two points on a column should not exceed 0.05″ per foot of length (1/2″ per 10 feet).

A Safe, Cost Effective Solution to Pallet Rack Replacement

Repairing your damaged pallet rack is a safe, cost effective, alternative to replacing it that is far less intrusive to your daily operations.  custom built pallets Some pallet rack repair companies not only repair the damaged components, but also add additional protection that helps to reduce or eliminate recurring impact damage. Their repair components come with built-in column protection so no additional guards are required.

There are many advantages to repairing your storage rack components versus replacing them that can save you both time and money.

With pallet rack repair:

In most cases it is not necessary to unload, relocate, then reload your product in your pallet rack system in order to repair it, which greatly reduces down time and interruptions to your daily operations.

You avoid the extra expense of purchasing, shipping and installing entire new components.

There is no dismantling of your old system in order to install the new components.
Additional benefits of rack repair:

LNI and OSHA have approved some company’s repair components as an alternative for upright replacement and patches.

Save 50% or more over replacement of your damaged storage rack components. If only 20% of it is damaged, why replace the other 80% if it is still structurally sound?
Some companies will provide a free, no obligation rack damage survey so you know exactly what needs to be done.

High quality constructed replacement parts, with integrated impact protection, will reduce or eliminate recurring costs connected to pallet rack damage. Replaced upright columns could suffer the same fait as your original uprights. By repairing them, the built-in column protection improves the impact resistance by 200% or more making the replaced column structure actually more protected than the original.

Quick shipping for standard, non custom, components.

Fast and easy installation in a safe environment, with skilled professional installers respecting and abiding by all safety rules and regulations.
Standard or color match paint options.

With the current economic challenges that all companies face today, saving money, improving safety and maximizing productivity are all keys to your success. Pallet rack repair instead of replacement just makes sense and can help you achieve that success. So don’t put it off any longer. Put your mind at ease that your facility is safe and you can get back to the business of making money.

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