The cause of the surface of the car stamping part and the skill of the scrubbing and handling skills

Due to the abrasions of the processing surface of the car stamping parts in stamping parts factory and handling skills

  1. When the soft materials such as copper and aluminum alloy are continuously bent, the metal particles or garbage are easily attached to the surface of the working part. Make the parts a larger abrasion. At this time, you should carefully analyze the style of the research working parts, lubricating oil and other environments to make the blank parts.
  2. When the meandering direction of the meandering direction and the rolling direction of the material is parallel, the surface of the parts will produce cracks, making the surface quality of the workpiece low. When the hardware stamping winding winding in more than two parts, there should be an inevitable angle of the packets and winding directions as much as possible.
  3. When the burr surface is used as the surface of the surface, the parts are prone to cracks and abrasions. Therefore, when the hardware is stammered, the burrs should be pressed as the inner surface of the hardware.
  4. The radius radius of the concave molded corner is too small, and strike marks appear on the winding part of the hardware. Polish the concave mold to increase the radius of the concave molded corner, which can prevent the hardware stamping and winding.
  5. The gap between the convex and concave mold should not be too small, and the gap is too small to cause thinning bruises. During the stamping process, it is necessary to check the changes in the gap between the mold.
  6. When the depth of the convex mold entering the concave mold is too large, the surface scratching of the parts will be generated, so in the environment of the unintentional impact of the pipeline, the depth of the concave mold should be reduced properly.
  7. In order to make the hardware of the hardware of the material of the bottom pressing and meander the accuracy requirements, the spring on the material on the feed plate when the hardware automotive metal stamping companies , the positioning of the holes, the bracket, and Retreatment holes, such as the rejuvenation, should be adjusted.

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