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What about Chrome Hearts sunglasses?

Buy Chrome Hearts sunglasses .Although the Chrome Hearts is famous for silver, but sunglasses is also one of the forte, evaluation of a pair of sunglasses, no doubt from its lenses, frame, technology, several aspects to measure.

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Frame material:

The frames of Chrome Hearts sunglasses use four different exotic wood: sandalwood (the most color, strongest, exotic wood, more durable than other wood), chrome hearts online store.Brazilian mahogany (the highest quality mahogany, known for its beautiful wood and exquisite colours), White strawberry tree (Western hardwood, Renowned for its excellent strength and fracture resistance, and pecans (the finest walnut material used to improve the strength of the mirror’s feet).

In some frames, the natural water horns are used–these horns come from Asian buffalo, which are domestic animals, not protected or endangered.Chrome Hearts sunglasses 2018. If the horn is more than three feet long, only a small fraction can be used as a frame of raw materials, so each one is unique-each frame has a unique beautiful natural color and arts and sciences.

Mirror feet material:

Some of the Chrome Hearts sunglasses have leather in their feet, all of which are of the finest quality Italian leather and can be long-lasting over time. chrome hearts sunglasses price.Mirror foot for hand-made, reflects the Italian leather production process of quality and skills.


Chrome Hearts sunglasses in the market with exquisite production process, all frames are inlaid with Carl Zeiss division lenses, with 5 layers of anti reflective coating and external hard coating. The precision of the Zeiss lenses is incredibly high and the error is so small that the surface of the Zeiss lenses is finely differentiated into 50,000 dots, which represent the combination of 800 mathematical equations, chrome hearts sunglasses for sale.The allowable error of each point is strictly controlled within 0.1 microns, so strict quality management ensures the perfect quality of Zeiss lenses, each lens is the perfect art of fine carving.

3.production process

Chrome Hearts combines the advantages of Italy and Japan – the world’s finest craftsmanship to make handmade plastic sunglasses. After 72 hours of repetitive grinding, the components achieved maximum gloss and the most beautiful colors before assembly. Each piece was hand polished and adjusted.

Chrome Hearts is the world’s first laser engraving using ultra-sensitive lasers on both sides of the wooden temples, each carving a temple. Chrome Hearts sunglasses are also the first sunglasses to combine the wood/titanium lamination process to create a more powerful temple and a unique aesthetic.

Chrome Hearts wooden frames use a special process to make the temples, multi-layered ultra-thin wood layers cross lamination, forming a strong thin plate, hand-cut, polished temples to ensure wearing comfort.

Why is chrome hearts so expensive?

To advanced ebony production glasses cabinets, Ebony has not faded, not decadent characteristics, even the door lock, buckle on the silver cover are made of 925 sterling silver, plus brand logo design, even if only to display glasses also permeated with a strong Goethe style.

Original Pieces Made with Exceptional Materials

Chrome Hearts sunglasses belong to the exclusive category of accessories that involve a story, a true passion, timeless artwork and an elegant icon.Inspired by the jewelry and inlay of the world, they only use the finest materials from titanium and diamonds, precious wood and horns, and strengthen contact with sterling silver.The sunglasses are mounted with Zeiss lenses, giving them a superior optical as a straight stretch of creativity and artisanal virtuosity.

look at the latest Chrome Hearts sunglasses.

Chrome Hearts Sunglasses,chrome hearts sunglasses online store

Chrome Hearts Stains Iv Mbk Matte Black W/ Sterling Silver New W/Grey Gradient Sunglasses

Matte black metal pilot frame trim with sterling silver Chrome Core logo, which features a gray gradient lens on the back of the reflective coating and maximum UV protection.

chrome hearts sunglasses online store


Chrome Hearts Balls Bs-bkl 65-14 Silver & Leather W/Grey W/Grey Fade Sunglasses

Brushed Silver metal frame decorated with REAL LEATHER and Sterling Silver Chrome Hearts logos on the sides of temples that features Grey Gradient lenses with backside anti-reflective coating and maximum UV protection. chrome hearts sunglasses 2018

Chrome Hearts Jewelry on Sale

  • Chrome Hearts Silver Ring On Sale Harris Teeter Print

With statement-making pieces that 925 silver rock with couture elegance, it’s no wonder that chrome hearts most ardent fans include Hollywood””s hottest fashion stars.Chrome Hearts Online Harris Teeter Print Silver Ring
Classic silver, engraved ring by chrome hearts.
* 6mm in Width.
* Material: Silver925
* Imported.

  • Chrome Hearts 925 Silver Pendant BS Fleur Plain Bail Luxury

【Model / Size】 Height51mm×Width26mm×Thickness9mm
【Raw materia】 Silver:925
All chrome hearts has been enlarged to show beauty of detail. Gemstones may have been treated or enhanced by heating or irradiation. Some may require special care in jewelry repair or cleaning.

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