Chrome Hearts eyewear 2018: isn’t cheap !

Chrome Hearts  is currently one of the world’s best-known silver brands, founder Richard Stark was originally in Hollywood to make film props and leather jewelry.

Chrome Hearts eyewear 2018

Although CHROME Hearts is famous for its silver, many people do not know that their glasses are also one of the best, although a pair of the same level of sunglasses will usually reach the Chanel of about four times times, chrome hearts online store,but the extremely fine workmanship and superior texture to let many performing celebrities have a very loyal love.

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Chrome Hearts eyewear 2018: isn’t cheap !
  • Glasses craft

Chrome Hearts eyewear Collection is different from general glasses for about 6-7 months of time development. Chrome Hearts Eyewear Collection spent 19 months developing and producing every pair of glasses at the highest standard, using the same materials as Chrome Hearts standard sterling silver.

  • Design style

chrome hearts eyewear 2018.Chrome Hearts design Style fusion rock punk, street hip-hop and other low-key luxury wind, glasses also inherited its style, and uphold the pure hand-made, beautifully designed quality, so its value as a work of art is far more than the meaning of jewelry.

Crowe glasses to a large extent, inherited the design style of silver, cheap chrome hearts eyewear,such as on the Ebony frame will have exaggerated luxury totem silver, jewelry production on the exquisite technology used in the glasses, by a lot of people in the hot pursuit.

  • loyal love

The world has a lot of Hollywood celebrities and rock musicians and Japanese artists love chrome hearts glasses. such as the Smith spaceship lead Steven Tyler, and CHANEL’s chief designer Karl Lagerfeld, VOGUE, French editor-in-chief Karin Loffedd

Chrome Hearts Sunglasses

The Chrome Hearts has been influenced by modern city men and women to be casual, but exquisite to every detail. Chrome Hearts for different seasons: young people’s spirit, unique shapes and textures form a classic, unmistakable style.

Chrome Hearts glasses & sunglasses – Buy online & in store

“Eye so Sassy” series lines are softer, cat-eye type. “Eye so Shady” series is a retro oval contour, the two series are using the mirror leg silver ribbon and frame inside the Ch+kh sterling silver logo as embellishment.
The designers carefully selected a variety of colors, chrome heart glasses for sale .some ancient spirits, and some elegant (including amber gold, sable color, powdered sugar and crystal red), to meet the different personality of the fashion women in different situations of demand.

Chrome Hearts eyeglasses

“Sluntradiction” at the top of the frame of the metal engraving Chrome Hearts details, and at the end of the arm to add the hollow cross design.

“Shagass” uses the sheet frame and the titanium metal mirror arm design, the design is simple and smooth.

“Sinnergasm” is made of cellulose acetate and titanium, slender and lightweight.Very suitable for long time wear, will not make the wearer feel pressure. All the frames are made in Japanese hands and are decorated with Chrome Hearts’s classic cross, floral and dagger pattern.

As a result, Chrome Hearts eyewear is one of the most exclusive, luxurious and opulent lines of glasses and sunglasses on the planet.

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