It makes people crazy accessory chrome heart!

Chrome Hearts Earrings and rings believe that everyone is very familiar with the classic cross and skull-head logo,The feeling of the very street wind.

What’s the material of chrome heart?

The material of chrome heart is 925 silver and 22k gold.
Is chrome words familiar? Yes, this is the brand chrome hearts that the world’s silver lovers are after.The style of design with some unruly and rock styles is also popular with many stars,chrome hearts jewelry prices.In addition to the ornaments, they have put the full set of Crowe’s heart on the body.

Chrome Hearts, the world’s leading silver brand and Hollywood luxury brand, was founded in 1989 by Richard Stark and Laurie Lynn Stark.Its design style combines the low-key luxury of rock punk and street hip hop, beautifully designed and handmade, chrome hearts bracelet mens sale.while Chrome Hearts also offers tailor-made services.

How’s chrome heart?

His is the only brand that goes into luxury with silver.Did not know how to appreciate, slowly fascinated by the neutral simple wind, feel that the chrome heart is really good-looking!

chrome heart Product recommendation

The most popular product is his family’s ring and bracelet.Can feel that kind of clumsy and vicissitudes of the line, with the religious spirit of medieval art,buy chrome hearts jewelry online.In the beautiful arc and Black shadow, creating a clumsy and vicissitudes of the tough wind, its unruly rebellion is also a lot of playing hip hop rock enthusiasts respected.

Chrome Hearts Crimpt CH Cross Leather Braided Pendant

chrome hearts jewelry sale


  • 925 Sterling Silver
  • Suede Leather braided necklace
  • Small CH Cross
  • Crimpt Tips on each side of Small CH Cross
  • Bolo Tips on the ends of braided necklace

Chrome Hearts Cemetery Cross Ring

chrome hearts online

  • 925 Sterling Silver
  • Round Cemetery hearts ring cost.

Notes on wearing silver:

  1. Do not wear silver when wearing other precious metal jewelry, so as to avoid collision deformation or abrasions.
  2.  Avoid contact with water vapor and chemicals, avoid wearing swimming, especially to the sea.
  3. After every day wear it with cotton cloth clean, put in the jewelry box or bag sealed to save.
  4.  Has been oxidized to black, you can use soft wool brush dip toothpaste scrub, but also can be hand rubbing soap or detergent and other means of cleaning. It is impossible to dispose of clean water scrub with silver wash, after washing to dry with cotton cloth.

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